“Watching Jen perform is like experiencing the untethering of the human soul, her ability to dive deep within herself allows the viewer the opportunity to more thoroughly understand their own experience and connection to the world and all the places within ourselves we do and do not want to look at.”

– Meredith Kalaman


Jennifer Toshiko Aoki is a dancer, choreographer and teacher based in Vancouver, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Simon Fraser University. As a choreographer, her work has been presented at the Dancing on the Edge Festival (Vancouver, 2018), Winnipeg Fringe Festival (2018), Calgary Fringe Festival (2017), Summer Solo Series (Amsterdam, 2016), Art for Impact (2015) and Nah Dran XXXVI (Berlin, 2013).  As a performer, she has worked with artists Meredith Kalaman, Jenn Edwards, Machinenoisy, Body Narratives Collective, Anna Kraulis, Gemma Crowe, Jamee Valin/ Valence Movement (Toronto), Patricia Alison/ LastName FirstName Production (Toronto) and Barabara Lindenberg (Toronto). She co-founded Triadic Dance Works (2010-2013) and is co-founder of The Body Orchestra with Jenn Edwards; together they have created and produced an eclectic triple-bill show Conduit which has been presented at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival and Calgary Fringe Festival and will be presented at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in September 2019. Her interest interdisciplinary work has led her to collaborate with sound designer Jakob Liljenwall and musician Zane Barrett in her past projects, and will be experimenting with the intersection between the embodied mover and lighting with lighting designer Jonathan Kim in a residency in partnership with The Dance Centre in May 2019.