The Body Orchestra

The Body OrchestraPhoto above by Gemma Crowe/ Photos below by Steve Young

The Body Orchestra is a collection of independent dance artists based mostly in Vancouver, BC. The company officially formed in 2016 to create Conduit, a piece by Jenn Edwards based on the movements of orchestral conductors. Two more works have been created to date: Other Creatures by Jenn Edwards and Viewer Discretion (Aoki). As a triple bill, these works were presented at the 2017 Calgary Fringe Festival and will be back on stage for the Winnipeg Fringe in 2018. Other Creatures will also be hitting Toronto in June at The Festival ’18 by New Blue, and Viewer Discretion will be at Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival in July.

Artistic Directors: The Body Orchestra
Jen Aoki
Jenn Edwards

Jen Aoki
Jenn Edwards
Samantha Presley
Erin Lequereux
Tin Gamboa
Cody Cox The Body Orchestra
James Amzin-Nahirnick
Silene Razo
David Clennin

Lighting Design:
Jonothan Kim

James Coomber
Jakob LiljenwallThe Body Orchestra

Past Collaborators:
Jess Ames
Clare Twiddy
Marcelle Lemos
Carolyn Schmidt
Marc Arboleda (dramaturgy)

Presentation History:

2017 Calgary Fringe Festival (Calgary – Aug, 2017)
CONDUIT at the Gold Saucer (Vancouver – Oct, 2016)
Parade of Lost Souls (Vancouver – Oct, 2016)
Dusty Flowerpot Third Thursday Cabaret  (Vancouver – Sept, 2016)​