Viewer Discretion


This piece evokes the current state of our news industry in the age of Trump, Twitter, Fox News and fake news. How do you distinguish truth and find your voice within this media jungle? 

Premiered at the Calgary Fringe Festival (2017). Dancing on the Edge Festival in Vancouver on July 8th and 10th. Winnipeg Fringe Festival  from July 18-29th.

Conspiracy of Endings

A deeply personal solo examining what it means to be young, free, old, mature and everything in between. Collaborated with musician Zane Barratt.

Performed as part of ‘Nah Dran XXXVII’, Uferstudios (Berlin, 2013)

The Home Project

A long-term collaboration between Vancouver and Berlin artists Jobina Bardai, Jess Ames, Jenn Edwards, and Jennifer Aoki with music by Zane Barratt.

Versions have been performed in Theatrehaus Mitte (Berlin, 2014), The Dance Centre and T.B.A Showcase (Vancouver, 2015).

Komagata Maru

An abstract trio inspired by the disheartening story of the Komagata Maru incident, a Japanese passenger vessel of citizens of the British Raj attempted to emigrate to Canada and were denied entry in 1914.

Performed in Art For Impact ( Vancouver, 2015).


An interdisciplinary piece that deconstructs television news media conventions. Collaborated with composer Jacob Liljenwall.

Performed as part of ‘Merge 4’, Spectral Theatre (Vancouver, 2011)

Ceremonial Sketches 

A full-length work exploring and abstracting life’s stages. Created and performed with Philippa Myler and Jenn Edwards (Triadic Dance Works) in collaboration with visual artists Jay Erickson and Andrew H., musician Zane Barratt, dramaturge Marc Arboleda.

Performed the Scotiabank Dance Centre (Vancouver, 2012)